Crossbreeding with Norwegian Red

The Norwegian Red breed is known for superior health and fitness traits. Females tend to have less difficulty calving, breed back easily, and are medium-sized, trouble-free cows that work well in commercial dairies. In other words, that is just what a dairy needs to become more profitable. 

In research on more than 18,000 cows, Norwegian Red sires have added profitability to crossbreeding programs with: 

  • Improved fertility 
  • Increased survival 
  • Improved mastitis resistance 
  • Improved resistance to other diseases 
  • Improved percentages of fat and protein 

Facts about Norwegian Red (NR): 

  • Production + Health + Fertility: Geno, our partner for Norwegian Red genetics, has placed emphasis on Health and Fertility traits for more than 40 years. This, plus a balanced program for production, has resulted in a cow that has competitive production traits, in addition to world-leading health and fertility traits. 
  • Big, Solid Data: Accurate and reliable information based on a long-term and robust national data recording/breeding program. Over 98% of cows are enrolled in a national record keeping program. 

Reasons You Can Feel Confident When Crossbreeding with Norwegian Red 

  • Their national database includes insemination, milk recording, health, management, pedigree and conformation data—even slaughterhouse records 
  • Records on 12+ million cows for 40+ years for health and fertility 
  • Conventional and sexed semen exported to over 30 countries 
  • Moderate sized cow with outstanding fertility, health, and component yields 
  • High frequency of polled gene and A2A2 Kappa caseins 

More than 90% of the dairy cows in Norway are Norwegian Reds. The population consists of approximately 200,000 cows of which 98% contribute to the Norwegian Dairy Herd Recording System. All herds participating in the Norwegian Dairy Herd Recording System are active in the breeding program and the best cows in these herds are elite cows and potential bull dams.  

To learn more about crossbreeding with Norwegian Red, contact your ABS Genetics Advisor or complete the form below.