Bovine Fertility First

Group of three NuEra T14 bulls

Fertility is a top priority for Beef InFocus™. When the top NuEra Genetics™ bulls move forward for Beef InFocus testing, fertility is evaluated first. All sires must meet rigorous laboratory semen quality standards both before and after processing and freezing. Then, on-farm fertility data is then collected, and sires that do not meet fertility criteria are removed from the program before evaluating calving traits.

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The economic index for Beef InFocus called BeefAdvantage™, is driven by fertility. Compared to other traits in the index, fertility carries the highest weighting and even more than calving ease, stillbirth and gestation length combined.

Instead of purebred breeds, Beef InFocus sires are a SimAngus composite breed called the T14 line. These T14 sires are bred and selected based on the NuEra Profit Index to be the best cross for dairy cows. As a result, Beef InFocus T14 sires are 1.3 times more likely than purebred Angus sires to meet ABS fertility criteria. That means you’d have to use 30% more Angus semen with unknown fertility to match Beef InFocus performance

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