Four News Sires Added to Linear Choice 

Publish date: 12.12.23 

The Linear Choice program calls the St. Jacobs brand home. Linear Choice was developed for our customers looking to create well-balanced cows. Each sire in the Linear Choice line is carefully chosen to produce dairy cows who are healthy, productive, and well-built, catering to the needs of commercial dairy producers seeking well-balanced cows. Linear Choice sires are specifically chosen as right-side linear to produce cows who are moderate in size with good health and strong production traits. 

The December Sire Summary brought good news for many ABS programs, but a particularly bright spot this time was the release of four new Linear Choice sires that we are excited about. Staying true to the Linear Choice criteria, these sires all produce cows with moderate frames and correct legs, rumps, and teat size. They, also, have no known haplotypes. These sires truly live up to the Linear Choice tagline, Form Meets Function! 

Let’s meet the newbies with the Linear Choice lineup!  

  1. 94HO21331 Swagger offers high production and a positive Daughter Pregnancy Rate. He, also, sires near-perfect slope to the rump
  1. 94HO21172 Sequoia has ideal teat placement while offering high production and positive a Daughter Pregnancy Rate.  
  1. 94HO21238 Espano is over 1000 pounds for Milk. He, also, offers great fertility and tremendous strength
  1. 94HO21432 Dixon offers great Sire Calving Ease and high Udder Composite. He will also make them very dairy.

These four new bulls join an already top-notch set of sires in the Linear Choice program. We are committed to providing our customers with genetics that will work in a variety of customer systems and that are aimed at maximizing profitability for you. Our goal is to assist you in genetic selection, so you can profit from genetic progress!    

To learn more about the Linear Choice program, contact your Genetic Advisor today or complete the form below.   

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