Our Newly Released Red and White Choice Sire Comes with a Touching Story

Publish date: 12.13.23 

The St. Jacobs brand represents Type Without Compromise. You can count on sires within the St. Jacobs brand to not only make beautiful cows but also make cows that are very productive and fertile. We continue to invest in the best genetics to allow our customers to build cows that are better than last year and five years before that!  

To hold true to that promise to our customers, we have exciting news to share. This month we released 94HO0931 McD-P-Red, a new release red sire, into the Red and White Choice lineup with the St. Jacobs brand. This red sire is neat for multiple reasons, and we are thrilled to have him in the lineup.  

Our Red and White Choice program is stacked with sires tracing back to the most elite Red and White cows families in the breed. Even though we mix the best of today’s Black and White genetics into the Red and White population, all sires in this lineup are Red and White.  

So, what makes McD-P-Red special?  

This new release is a very cool red sire for multiple reasons as he comes from a deep pedigree, the Markwell Bstar Raven line, and has a touching story. McD-P-Red is a McDonald-P-Red son from a VG 85 two-year-old Ronald dam with a smashed on mammary system. The second dam is VG 87, the third dam is a VG 86 MONTEREY, and the fourth and fifth dams are EX 90 by Doorman and Atwood. The 6th dam is an EX 94 Offroad who was Grand Champion at the California State Show in 2010.  

The dam of McD-P-Red is a full sister to a St. Jacobs Choice sire, 94HO19837 Risque. Risque has sired many beautiful bred heifers who are due for the Summer Junior Two-year-old class next year! These heifers have incredible style and should be a fun class to watch! 

Now, the best part of the McD-P-Red story is truly inspiring. We purchased McD-P-Red from the King family of Washington and Snake River Dairy of Idaho. Andrew and Sarah King’s son, Ben, had a massive brain tumor that caused a stroke during surgery. Their family stayed in a Ronald McDonald House in Seattle while Ben was in the rehabilitation unit.  

Ben continues to make great strides in his recovery, and the ABS family continues to keep Ben in our thoughts and wishes him well with positive thoughts and energy during his recovery. A special note on this red sire is that all royalty payments from this bull will be going to Ronald McDonald House Charites. What an incredibly kind gesture from the King family and Snake River Dairy! We are grateful to be a part of this unique red sire and his story.  

Feel called to donate to Ronald McDonald House Charites? Click here. 

McD-P-Red further strengthens the Red and White Choice program within St. Jacobs and is a red sire who embodies Type without Compromise. Don’t miss using these genetics in your herd or supporting this great cause! 

Discover more about St. Jacobs or McD-P-Red by contacting your ABS Genetic Advisor or completing the form below.  

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