Blowers Farms

Blowers Farm is a sixth-generation family farm located in central Nebraska with 90 years of history. The cattle are now managed by Dan Blowers and his family. The herd consists of purebred and SimAngusTM cattle.

The Blowers focus their time and effort on raising the best cattle they can in a shorter calving window. Maternal traits, carcass data, and feed efficiency are among their top priorities each breeding season.

“We trust and respect Chris and look to him to help us make our breeding decisions. We look to the specialists to keep us on track and improving.”

Dan Blowers

Blowers and his crew work alongside ABS Representative Chris Balcom as their genetic advisor each year. Service is a top-quality Blowers must have in an AI Representative. “I can always count on ABS to be there when I need them,” says Blowers. Citing udders and milk as previous issues, both of which ABS has helped to improve from the start of their use of AI.

This year, Blowers was looking to make some changes and improvements to the herd. Sexed semen played a large part in those changes and resulted in significant progress towards their goals. Seeking quality heifers, Blowers used 220 Sexcel units on their heifer group, which resulted in 125 calves, 115 of which were heifer calves.

“If you want good genetics and to save heifers, I would definitely recommend Sexcel,” Blowers said. “The product seems to be very accurate and has met our expectations.”

Next year, Blowers will work with ABS Representative Chris Balcom and utilize Sexcel again. Using records with Cow Sense, Blowers and Balcom will identify groups of cattle to save heifers or bulls out of and breed according to their respective goals. Thank you to the Blowers family for being a loyal ABS customer!   

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