Osage County, Oklahoma

Open Range Angus is a family owned and operated ranch in northern Osage County, Oklahoma. A ranch built from the ground up by Adam and Blayr Gourley with their 25 years of beef production. The Gourley’s focus on traditional ranching style with modern genetics. In being a smaller cow/calf ranch, they strive for efficiencies in every aspect of their business from land management to utilizing elite genetics to produce high quality beef for their beef brand that services directly to consumers.

Adam and Blayr Gourley with their three children: 
Rhett, Graham and Nola

Their operation is now directly servicing customers with their meat products in the surrounding area. In the future, they are working to be able to service customers across the country. With this business structure, carcass quality and yield are extremely important in their genetic decisions coupled with maternal traits and feed conversion efficiencies that keep the business profitable and keep their products affordable for their customers. 

Quality genetics result in a quality product
Open Range Bone-In Ribeye

When they first started, the Gourley’s recognized that they were working in a commodity market where focused genetic improvement and cattle management yields premiums. Artificial Insemination has allowed Open Range Angus to utilize elite genetics in their herd, reduce their bull power needed and ultimately, produce a consistent and affordable beef product for their customers at the end of the supply chain. 

“Utilizing elite genetics has helped our operation continue to be sustainable through reducing the amount of resources needed to raise a high quality beef product.” 

Adam Gourley
Chris and Cooper Stansberry

With the help of their ABS Representatives Chris and Cooper Stansberry, Adam and Blayr have been able to select genetics focused on carcass merit without sacrificing maternal traits to help them meet their operational goals. The partnership with Open Range Angus really depicts the ABS mindset of Pasture to Plate Genetics.

Our partnership with Open Range Angus demonstrates how a more sustainable food system starts with genetics. 

You work hard for success in your operation, let ABS provide genetics that work hard for you!

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