5 Angus Sires to Consider for Spring 2024

Publish date: 3.11.23 

Springtime in the U.S. heralds a period of renewal, growth, and opportunity, especially for our nation’s beef producers. As winter begins to melt away, that means you’re likely already thinking about genetic selections for next year’s calf crop. In this article, we delve into five Angus sires to consider this spring breeding season and share a video where you can hear directly from our Beef Product Manager, Doug Frank, and Sire Acquisition Manager, Ben Lohmann about our lineup.  

Before we jump into the bulls, let’s start the discussion with today’s beef environment. Every mating decision you make could prove to be one of your most important with the smallest cow herd in 60 years. It is more important now than ever before to use the tools and genetics available to create the right pregnancies because not every cow should be bred for the same outcome.  

Nonetheless, the tools, technology, and genetics available to you today eliminate the risk of compromising a segment of your herd to gain in another direction. Our Sexcel and 60/40 Synch program are game changers that allow you to create the right pregnancies for your operation. You have the power to make matings with intent, build your best cowherd, create more profitable feeders, and ultimately, maximize your profitability.   

Tools Available for You to Use 

  • Harness the power of synchronization to shorten your calving window, increase calf uniformity, increase pounds at weaning, increase the number of days post-partum for better breed back, and improve the longevity of your herd.  
  • Gain the genetic advantage with artificial insemination by handpicking superior sires that meet your operational goals—reducing the number of natural services sires needed. 
  • Leverage breeding strategies to segment your herd and create the right pregnancies for heifer replacements without compromising the calf crop entering the beef supply chain. 

Now onto your favorite part! THE BULLS! 


29AN2218 DYNAMIC is an Angus sire who truly embodies the phrase, dynamic bull power. When we acquired him, he was unmatched in the industry for being a curved bender for calving ease to birth relative to weaning and yearling weight. He offers the impressive performance and phenotype of his sire with significant advantages for Calving Ease, Marbling, and Hair Shedding. He has seen significant use since calling ABS home, and people like the kind of cattle he is siring. Because of this, he has seen a lot of repeat business from satisfied customers. Use DYNAMIC who is in a league of his own for his levels of Calving Ease, Birth Weight, Performance, and accuracy!   


29AN2093 PATRIARCH has been our top-selling bull now for two years in a row. There have been a ton of extremely happy customers who have used the bull because the cattle calve easily, and they grow well. There is a pretty consistent vote of confidence on the quality of those females PATRIARCH creates and what they bring to the table in the cow herd. He has been used across a large part of the United States in various regions and has had success everywhere he’s gone. The common phrase we hear from those who have used him is “Everybody loves a PATRIARCH daughter.” Create quality females and in-demand sons with PATRIARCH! 


29AN2144 TRUE NORTH has been a symbol that’s been in our lineup for a few years. His daughters are really making a name for themselves as his first daughters are now having their second calves. He is an Angus sire that sires a lot of fleshing ability and softness in those daughters. They are generating rave reviews and high customer satisfaction across the country. You will also appreciate his daughter from a foot quality and disposition standpoint. He offers top-end $Maternal and $Energy indexes backed by strong Docility, Foot Quality, and Hair Shedding EPDs. Use TRUE NORTH for one of the most versatile and broadly appealing maternal packages we’ve seen in years.  


29AN2256 TRUE GRIT is the Angus sire who is the next step TRUE NORHT son. Hailing from the Basin Angus program, he comes from a foundation that is multi-generational and very deep in terms of maternal goodness. When you first see daughters out of TRUE GRIT, they have brood cow written all over them with the volume and the capacity you find in them even as young ladies. They are the sound-structured, eye-appealing kind of females you want. TRUE GRIT is heading for 4-star calving ease and is proving himself as a terrific female maker. When looking at the bull, you will his density, depth, fleshing ability, and overall completeness. Producer attractive patterned, big-bodied, and easy-fleshing daughters with TRUE GRIT.  


29AN2249 REPUBLIC is an Angus sire who is super wide based at the ground and carries that thickness all the way through. He has a tremendous amount of depth of rib and body cavity to him. The cow behind him speaks volumes from a maternal lens as she lived to be 14 years of age with 26 daughters in production. REPUBLIC is another Angus sire heading towards 4-star calving ease. He offers that PAYWEIGHT 1682 kind that cattleman loved and will add that kind of capacity but does it with a different pedigree. Consider using arguably the most powerful son of PLUS ONE in the industry this spring breeding season.  

Spring breeding season is right around the corner. Let us help you with all your synchronization and artificial insemination needs as well as identifying the right genetics to reach your operational goals. Don’t forget about our 2024 BEEF SPRING SPECIAL running through the end of the month. Contact your local ABS Representative to purchase or order online today!  

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