Celebrating 55 Years of the Genetic Management System

Publish date: 9/1/23 

Dairy producers know that genetic plans are essential to livestock production. Those that seek maximum productivity and profitability focus on creating the right genetic plan based on their goals, milk market, and environment. They recognize the slippery slope of chasing the industry trends or following only what the industry deems important. Genetic decisions made today have a direct impact on future results. Because of cattle generation intervals, those selections will compound over time. Are you making the right genetic selections for your future herd? 

It was recognizing the impact genetics have on a herd and profitability over time that led our team in 1968 to develop the first mating program, Genetic Management System (GMS). Today, we celebrate 55 years of GMS, a tool that has already performed more than 165 million mating recommendations and counting in its lifetime. 

The Beginning for GMS 

The Genetic Management System started out as a traditional mating program, but it truly is so much more than that. It is a tool designed to deliver a genetic plan that is customized for each dairy’s goals and needs. Truthfully, it can be considered the original Custom Index due to the conversations that were had with producers about what was important to their herd and the type of cow that would maximize profitability. Because of the robust database due to 55 years of history, GMS is the tool producers can trust to make accurate breeding decisions that propel the herd to their genetic goals.  

The Genetic Management System helps dairy producers make genetic progress by creating better cows that suit their needs and bring more profit to the dairy. 

Genetic Management System Today 

We have learned a lot over the last 55 years. Our strong values of data driven and pioneering continue to guide. With anything in our business, we are not satisfied with settling and are constantly looking for ways to improve that benefit a dairy. GMS is no exception to that rule.  

Currently, the program allows you to rank your females which lets you decide where you are going to spend your dollar and where your next generation will come from. Then, it gives you a per cow breeding plan while providing your knockouts for recessives and deadly haplotypes. Using GMS gives you the opportunity to worry less about your mating plan and more about running your operation to its fullest potential.  

Also, we understand not all dairies are alike. Our mating program is designed with the flexibility to adapt the program to fit a dairy’s needs. GMS can be customized more than 150 different ways. And that is even before we choose the sires! Customization is achieved through the Customer Controlled Breeding options which are adapted to your dairy’s specific objectives.  

Your Benefits with GMS  

  • Customization  
  • Inclusion Genomics  
  • Robust Database  
  • Manage Inbreeding  
  • Recessive and Haplotype Protection  
  • Safeguard Heifer Calving Ease   

Your Peers Trust the Genetic Management System 

U.S. dairy producer and GMS customer, Gary Endres, has been using the program since 2005 on his 625-cow dairy. For Gary and his team, they have reduced their time involved with genetic planning because of using GMS. They work closely with their ABS Genetic Advisor to answer all the right questions about the goals and needs of the dairy. Gary trusts GMS enough that he is hands-off during the process and allows ABS and GMS to do their jobs. Our tool has given Gary the ability to not have to worry about matings and to be able to focus his attention to other areas of his business. 

No need to stress about your mating plan! Deploy GMS on your dairy today by contacting your ABS Genetic Advisor or completing the form below.  

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