December Sire Summary Brings Strong, Diverse, and Deep ABS Lineup

29HO18960 ACURA's DAM: Pine-Tree 9882 Prof 7019-ET VG-86

The results coming out of this week’s National Genetic Evaluation once again proves that the ABS Global lineup is strong and consistent. Our sires showed a strong presence in many relevant trait and index categories. Even more impressive, the sons of our elite sires are establishing their ranks and showing a great deal of promise. With this sire summary, it is clear that the future is bright for ABS customers with the sire lineups we are offering.  

While you may have noticed some swings in results for certain traits this sire summary, our consistent day should offer our customers confidence that our genetic portfolio is solid. You can trust that our genetics will be as reliable for your herd.  

“The diversity and depth of genetic quality in the ABS lineup shows a great opportunity for use in a multitude of customer herds with different custom index preferences.”  

Wayne DeBuhr, ABS North America Regional Dairy Brand Manager 

Let’s dig into the data and see how we did.  

The Holstein Highlights 

Our Holstein lineup is stronger than ever with the inclusion of many incredible sires. We have the largest number of sires entering our Icon and Primetime offerings. Our sires continue to add more daughter information which only strengths how our genetics are performing. We are proud to report that influential ABS sires had another exceptional day. 

  • 29HO18960 Acura had a nice day with an increase of +44 NM$ and an Acura son, 29HO19773 Duffy, also presenting an increase of +18 NM$ and +36 TPI. An added plus, there will be many Duffy sons coming to market in upcoming months.  
  • 29HO19000 Heroic showed a solid performance with an increase of +56 NM$. Because of Heroic’s day, his sons, 29HO19555 Hercules and 29HO19580 Tennessee, also experienced improvements.  
  • In our Icon lineup, we will release several bulls with over 1200 NM$. 
  • 29HO17459 Rubels-Red and 29HO17442 Shimmer*RC also added additional daughters to their proofs today. 

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The Power of Polled  

ABS continues to dominate the polled sector of the industry. We are seeing many heterozygous polled and homozygous polled ABS sires move quickly up the industry ranks. It is important to note that if you are working towards a polled herd, you can use a polled (single P) sire with 50% of the resulting calves being polled. You can also use a homozygous polled (double PP) sire, resulting in 100% of the calves being polled. This occurs because polled is the dominate gene which many people do not realize.  

Look to ABS for polled sires with the genetic quality that rivals main lineup sires. 

  • 29HO19071 Monument-P holds strong at 940 NM$. 
  • We are proud to offer more than 50 polled sires to our customers in North America. 

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Jot This Down on Jersey 

Consider our Jersey sires to be the best the industry has to offer. Our genomic sire lineup of 12 months of age or older knocked it out of the park with seven of the top 20 for CM$ and 10 of the top 20 for JPI. 

  • 29JE4279 Colonel had a stable day with an increase of +19 CM$ and continues to be one of the most appealing Chief sons in the breed.  
  • Thrasher had one of the better early daughter proofs in the industry and ABS has his highest-ranking son for JPI and CM$, 29JE4426 Schooner who is a significant outcross to our future lineup. We look forward to his release by April. 
  • 29JE4117 Westport daughters continue to perform well, and he added 505 daughters to his proof. He remains one of the most well-rounded proven sires in the breed.  
  • Industry leading new releases to consider: 29JE4376 Justice, 29JE4378 Julio, 29JE4363 Quest, 29JE4356 Joystick, and 29JE4348 Walrus.  

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The St. Jacobs Synopsis 

Singing the tune of the day, it was a great day for St. Jacob sires. 94HO19084 Impact and 94HO19189 Radio, one of our most popular sires, added many daughters to their proofs this sire summary. 94HO19074 Cheers stayed strong for type and improved for DPR. Two 94HO19766 Fitters Choice sons in our St. Jacobs Choice lineup made remarkable highlights with their proofs.   

“Linear Choice sires in the St. Jacobs lineup have the combination of NM$, high TPI, and functional traits that make the ideal cow.”  

Brian Behnke, St. Jacobs Business Manager
  • 94HO20892 HiHope is the highest udder composite bull in the breed. 
  • 94HO20977 Winners Circle-P is the highest type and udder composite polled bull in the world with a stud code. 

The St. Jacobs lineup highlight reel included: 

  • 6 bulls over 3000 GTPI 
  • 23 bulls over 80 lbs. of Fat 
  • 5 bulls over 60 lbs. of Protein 
  • 23 bulls over 3.0 PTAT 
  • 24 bulls over 2.5 Udder Composite 

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“A strong lineup everywhere you look, from proven to genomic Holsteins and polled sires to Jerseys.”  

Ryan Starkenburg, ABS Senior Geneticist

We could not have described our day any better than how Ryan describes it above. As we wrap up another Sire Summary, let this serve as a reminder that genetics play a major role in a dairy’s profitability. At ABS, we have a wide range of consistent and elite genetics that can fit any dairy system. It is for that reason we suggest utilizing a custom index to ensure you are selecting for the traits that matter to YOU. Contact your local ABS Genetic Advisor today to discuss genetics that maximize your profit potential from your market opportunities. 

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