ABS demonstrates commitment to the science, precision and accuracy to create Sexcel® Sexed Genetics.

Aug 20

MADISON, WI, U.S.A. — ABS Global announces the publication of the paper, “Technical Note: Droplet digital PCR precisely and accurately quantifies sex skew in bovine semen,” in the Journal of Dairy Science. The paper describes the IntelliGen® Technologies proprietary methods to validate sexed semen skew and demonstrates the commitment to the rigorous science ABS uses to create Sexcel® sexed genetics.

“We published this paper to provide a better understanding of our process and show our commitment to precision and accuracy in the testing, which we have had in place for several years,” says Dr. Elon Roti Roti, senior author joined by Nicole Cray and Jami Hauer of IntelliGen Technologies, and Matthias Wagner of Cellino Biotech Inc. The paper provides transparency to Sexcel customers about the processes that are used to validate product skew. Publication in the Journal of Dairy Science ensures the methods were peer-review by industry subject matter experts.

 As Dr. Roti Roti explains, the droplet digital PCR (ddPCR) assay measures the sex skew using a molecular assay separate from the way sexed semen is produced. Therefore, the ddPCR assay can provide a more thorough and independent assessment of sex-skewed semen.

“If you use the same ruler to measure the same thing twice, you’ll roughly get the same answer every time you measure,” says Dr. Roti Roti. “Whereas, if you take a different measurement tool, especially if it’s a tool with a finer resolution, then you have independent confirmation of what you are trying to quantify. We’re generating the skew with one ruler and then measuring with a completely different platform.”

 “Beyond using a different technique to measure skew, the assay has such fine-tuned measurement ability that we actually count individual X and Y chromosomes,” states Dr. Roti Roti.

“ABS is committed to high quality sexed semen produced and evaluated by leading technology. This means that ABS customers using Sexcel sexed genetics experience the sex skew in resulting calves born with an accuracy that they expect and deserve,” says Nate Zwald, Chief Operating Officer – Dairy, ABS Global.

To learn more about ABS Sexcel and experiences from customers across the globe visit https://www.absglobal.com/services/sexcel/.

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