ABS Global Has Strong April Proof; Many Icons / Grads Added

Apr 13

MADISON, WI, U.S.A. — In a time of uncertainty, April proofs gave ABS Global customers something to smile about as ABS is now the current home of 45 of the top 100 Net Merit Holstein bulls over a year old in the industry. 22 bulls were elevated to Icon Sire™ status and another 11 were named graduates. At the top of the list are the #1 and #2 daughter proven Net Merit bulls – Icon Sires 29HO18225 PINE-TREE BURLEY and 29HO18296 ABS ACHIEVER-ET with 829 & 819 NM$ respectively. Both bulls also land in the top 10 for TPI® and new graduate 29HO18343 ABS MEDLEY-ET moves up genetically with his first 99 milking daughters, coming in at 756 NM$ and 2811 TPI®.

“During a challenging time in the world, this gives us all something positive to talk about. This is one of our strongest proofs yet with so many of our sires placing high in the ranks. The ‘next generation’ in our pipeline includes the top five sires (all ages) for Net Merit, which will all begin semen production in the coming months,” said Nate Zwald, COO-Dairy, ABS Global, during a conference call Tuesday. “We should also be proud of how well our overall pipeline ranks – ensuring our committed customers have access to the best genetics in the industry over the long-term. It takes a big team effort to accomplish such a good showing – virtual high-fives to everyone involved!”

ABS’s full genetic lineup can be viewed on the new website that launched this week at www.absglobal.com. This state-of-the-art digital platform offers new content, success stories and information that is solution-oriented for the producer of today, aligning with the company’s innovative spirit.

“We’ve been developing incredible bull power at ABS, which augments the game-changing programs and technology we’ve also pioneered to help our customers get better cows faster, which is our ultimate goal,” stated Darren Peterson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at ABS North America.

ABS strengthened its Jersey lineup with several new releases. Icon Sire TROOPER {4} is a balanced offering at +538 CM$ and +142 GJPI with an outcross sire stack (Mesquite {4} x Listowel-P), and WOODSTOCK {6} at +550 CM$ offers extreme component and udder improvement. 

“We were very pleased with the stability of our breed leading sires such as WESTPORT {5} and VERIZON {4} and are excited to add more options to help our customers to build their breeding programs,” said Aaron Horst, ABS Jersey sire analyst.

ABS sires graduating to daughter-proven status Tuesday also rank very high. Graduates include Holstein sires: 29HO18343 ABS MEDLEY-ET29HO18383 BOMAZ YOSHI-ET,29HO18260 ABS ARIZONA-ET29HO18314 DE-SU 13149 FIGURATE-ET29HO18432 BOMAZ YUKON-ET29HO18255 ABS JAZZMAN-ET29HO18337 MORNINGVIEW RAWHIDE-ET29HO18353 MR SEAGULL-BAY MALDEVES-ET29HO18311 DE-SU 13139 TECHNO-ET29HO17334 WILDER HAMLET, and 94HO18095 MR DG-TM KING BAILEY-ET.

“St. Jacobs is proud to return 94HO18095 BAILEY to graduated status. He boasts over 1100 pounds of milk to go along with his 1.74 PTAT.,” explained Brian Behnke, St. Jacobs Business Manager. “The thing that most impresses me about the BAILEY daughters is how the dairymen love them. They are medium sized with really good udders and feet and legs seems to be the consistent message.”

For more information on Icon Sires, go to www.absglobal.com/icon-sires or talk with your ABS representative today. You can also learn more about ABS graduates at ABS Bull Search

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