August Sire Summary Proves Diversity is a Great Strength for ABS

Publish date: 8/9/2023 

While diversity means variety, it is key to know that ABS’ diverse lineup is very strong and elite in terms of the quality of our genetic offering. The August National Genetic Evaluation proved diversity is a great strength for ABS. Our diverse set of genetics contributed to the exceptional sire summary performance we had. Today, we have an offering that fits a variety of dairies, markets, and countries which allows us to provide solutions for many different customer types.  

Because of our focus on utilizing distinctive pedigrees and sire stacks in our genetic selection, expanding our polled genetics lineup, and developing sires with different trait combinations, our sire summary performance saw various NUMBER ONE bulls in the mix amongst the industry.  

While this sire summary saw a fair amount of re-ranking, it is exciting to share that after digging into the data, ABS had 31 of the top 100 $NM bulls which is the exact same number of sires we had in the top 100 during the April sire summary. Compared to the industry, ABS did not see a significant amount of change which further supports the strength, steadiness, and diversity of our sire lineups. And we are excited to share the quality of our diverse genetic offering with you!  

Without question, the best genetics the industry has to offer call ABS home as we lead the industry for polled genetics and have the number one proven $NM bull in our lineup.

Ryan Starkenburg, ABS Senior Geneticist

As we look at the successful day our sires had during this genetic evaluation, it is critical to remember creating a genetic plan is key to genetic progress. The industry does not necessarily know what is best for your specific dairy and market. That’s why establishing a genetic plan based on your goals is the best way to ensure genetic progress. For us, our long-term investment in bloodlines continues to pay off. 

A Continued Dominance in Polled Genetics 

The depth and strength of our polled lineup continues to be a force to be reckoned with in the industry.  Our polled genetics continue to gain momentum as we grow the number of homozygous and heterozygous polled sires we offer. Today, ABS has a majority of the highest genetic polled bulls offered in the industry. Polled genetics are a continual focus because we see the polled space as the way to create a more sustainable future. 

Powerful Polled Sires 

  • 29HO19518 Mendel-P solidifies himself as the world’s top NM$ polled bull at $953 with the addition of a large wave of early milking daughters to his proof 
  • 29HO19071 Monument-P  adds $22 NM which brings him to $926 

Highpoints for Holstein 

  • Even with industry re-rank, when looking at bulls who were G-status in April, ABS had the same number of top-ranking NM$ bulls in the August sire summary as we did in April 
  • 29HO18906 Billy is now the number one proven NM$ at $1271 

Standouts from St. Jacobs 

Both our St. Jacobs Choice and Linear Choice sire lineups had a remarkable sire summary day. We remain focused on bringing sires into this lineup that excel for production, health, and udder composite to meet our goal of creating cows who last longer, are more profitable and are just good to look at!  

  • The lineup includes three of the top four Udder Composite bulls in the Holstein breed including 94HO20892 HiHope who is number one 
  • Our 32 Linear Choice sires average 1113 Pounds of Milk, +.18 Percent Fat, 95 Pounds of Fat, +.07 Percent Protein, and 54 Pounds of Protein   
  • 13 bulls over 3000 GTPI 
  • 12 bulls over 1000 NM$ 
  • ABS is home to the number three and number six PTI Guernsey bulls in the breed 
  • New Jersey release, 94JE4420 Bingo, is 140 JPI and 22.0 JUI 

Jaw-dropping Jersey Performance 

Our Jersey lineup had another outstanding sire summary day. Today, we have 11 bulls over 775 CM$ and 11 over 170 JPI which gives our customers an incredible combination of genetic power and diversity.  

  • Notable new releases are 29JE4432 Stricker {6} at +835 CM$ and +2.4 DPR and 29JE4421 Dell {6} who is a unique Graduate son with +69 Protein and +790 CM$ 
  • Our proven Jersey sire, 29JE4204 Trooper {4}, had a phenomenal day increasing by 142 CM$ and his influence can be seen on his offspring in our program 
  • More to come from our pipeline as we have the top two bulls in the breed for Cheese Merit, which gives us an exciting future 

Take Note on Norwegian Reds 

  • 252NR12222 Skoien, our best-selling bull this year, improved 5 pounds of CFP 
  • 252NR12248 Lyndi-P, a new release from last proof period, jumped 11 pounds of CFP 
  • New release sire, 252NR12239 Kleiv-P, offers 223 pounds of CFP and is a great choice for Holstein herds mating the first generation of their two-way crosses  
  • With the positive jumps by Lyndi-P and Skoien and the addition of Kleiv-P to the lineup, our top five NR bulls for CFP average 5 pounds more for CFP than the top five from April’s lineup 

With our diversity, ABS has consistent and elite genetics that will fit any dairy system which is why we suggest utilizing a Custom Index to ensure you are selecting for the traits that matter to YOU. A Custom Index gives you the power to select sires with the traits that help you reach your goals. You handpick the genetics that best fit your operation’s needs in creating a profitable cow.   

Create your Custom Index with Bull Search

As we wrap up another Sire Summary, we are reminded that genetics play a major role in your dairy’s profitability. As always, contact your local ABS Genetic Advisor today or complete the form below to discuss genetics that maximize your profit potential from your market opportunities.  

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