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To assist in maximizing profit from genetic progress, ABS can support and created a tool to determine the amount of Sexcel® ABS’ sexed dairy genetics needed to produce a controlled number of quality female replacements. From this number, producers can predict the volume of Beef InFocus™, ABS’ beef on dairy genetics needed for creating high value pregnancies for their lower genetic females. Fill in the form to arrange your breeding strategy consultation today!

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ABS is driven by data collection and delivering validated genetics to customers. Beef InFocus genetics are tried, tested and trusted on dairies for fertility, calving ease, stillbirth and gestation length, to ensure peace of mind to make highly marketable and valuable calves to sell, while not affecting the dam’s subsequent lactation.

Beef InFocus calves aren’t sired by just any beef genetics, they are sired by selected optimal terminal beef genetics for crossbreeding on dairy. Beef InFocus is bred by design, validated by data and driven by results.


Generic beef on dairy calves are available in the market, but buyers recognize Beef InFocus for quality and consistency to fill their limited spaces. As retailers and customers raise their expectations for carcass uniformity and sustainability, starting with the best genetics make your calves more appealing.

The Beef InFocus program focusses on every segment of the beef industry – from conception to consumption. Alongside the highest demand genetics on the market, producers have access to ABS exclusive beef supply chain connections through our expert team. Added value beef verification programs are in place to make Beef InFocus calves stand out, like our IMI exclusive Breed Verification, Beef InFocus and colored Tag Verification.

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