The Modern Calving Ease Sire

Today, the phrase ‘calving ease’ might not cross most producers’ minds on a day-to-day basis. But why is that?  

It is likely because placing emphasis on calving ease sires has become a constant practice in beef production. You likely already have an idea of what you need in terms of calving ease, so we are not here to share a message on the importance of calving ease in your herd. That’s ultimately a decision you must answer because you know what’s necessary for your operation.  

Consider this: Calving ease may have become second nature to you, but have you ever considered not having to give up performance, muscle, and maternal value in your calving ease sires?  

Ponder this.  

What does calving ease mean to you?  

It might mean that calves will be smaller and come easy. It might mean that you have confidence that your heifers and cows will calve on their own. It might mean your consideration of the impacts calving difficulty has on your reproductive efficiency. However, for some, the thoughts of yesteryear’s calving ease bull might be that they sire calves that are light muscled, lower performing, less robust, and in certain areas, lack the survivability necessary to live. 

No Debate: The Modern Calving Ease Sire   

We can tell you that the age-old debate of calving ease versus performance and muscle no longer must exist in your sire selection if you so choose. In today’s world, you do not have to sacrifice performance, muscle, or maternal value in order to obtain the level of calving ease you deem necessary. The modern calving ease sire combines the best of all worlds, no need to compromise. To further emphasize this point, study these exceptional calving ease sires below who also exhibit strength in performance, muscle, and maternal value.   

These sires rank with the elite of the Angus breed for calving ease, yet, as you see in their photos, they also excel for visible muscle expression and phenotypic quality. Additionally, you are not disappointed when you evaluate their breed leading data from a performance and maternal value standpoint. These bulls demonstrate that you can dial in the right amount of calving ease for your operation’s goal without the need to sacrifice performance, muscle, or maternal value. To learn more about ABS Angus sires that fit the bill for calving ease and more, click the button below.   

Calving Ease Correlates with Efficient Reproduction  

This conversation goes much deeper than a group of bulls to study. If you have not considered calving ease as a tool for managing reproduction, you should! Reproduction is the most profitable thing a producer can manage in a cowherd. Managing reproduction and the number of cows calving in the first 30 days of your season will allow you to generate more revenue and drive your operation’s efficiency.   

So why prioritize calving ease?    

  • Success starts with calving ease as a cow without a live calf is not profitable  
  • Easier calving sets your two-year-old females up for better breed back and increased longevity  
  • Decrease management and labor needs by making calving season easier and more trouble free  
  • For seedstock producers, dialing in calving ease to design bulls to be used on heifers in commercial herds is key for customer satisfaction  

Trust the ABS Shield for Calving Ease Sires 

Yes. The importance of calving ease has stood the test of time, but it may now be time to consider today’s modern calving ease sire to maximize efficiency and profitability in all parts of your business. You can be confident in ABS Global sires because we are committed to providing a spectrum of calving ease sires to suit every customer’s system. We validate our sires for calving ease, performance, and carcass merit through our broad progeny testing program. This means you can trust our real-world progeny testing to identify reliable calving ease bulls who will sire marketable progeny for you no matter your operation, environment, or market opportunity.  

You have the freedom to choose the necessary amount of calving ease you need depending on geographic location, management style, and customer system  

To further discuss the modern calving ease sire, contact your ABS Representative or contact us today.  

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