Exceeding the Industry in Carcass Value

An inevitable byproduct of any seedstock operation is bulls and females that are, for one reason or another, not selected to become the parents of the next generation. That is no different at ABS Global with our NuEra Genetics® herd.

The animals in our NuEra Genetics program, both male and female, undergo rigorous testing and culling criteria. To give you perspective, only 18% of NuEra females are selected to participate as donors, 10% of males are selected to enter our stud to be used commercially, and only 2.8% of males are selected to sire the next generation.

With our intense genetic selection, this means some of the animals are not selected to enter our stud or donor populations—but they still have elite, above-industry-average genetics. These non-selected animals are often finished and harvested, and their data consistently offers an intriguing glimpse into the caliber of genetics being created for NuEra Genetics.

Remember, for dairy producers implementing a sexed and beef strategy, NuEra Genetics are the genetics that power our Beef InFocus® program.

Below are the results from a group of feeder heifers harvested in December of 2022.

Industry Leading Results

  • Nearly 100% graded USDA Choice or better, with a whopping 64% grading Prime
  • Surpassed industry averages for Yield Grade 1 and 2s
  • Carcasses averaged 150 pounds heavier than the national average for heifers

If you are looking to smash the scales while grading above average, contact your ABS Genetic Advisor to discuss NuEra Genetics as your solution for end-point profitability.

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