Don’t Miss This Newly Released Guernsey Sire

Publish date: 11.10.23 

Introducing the game-changer sire you didn’t know you needed until now—94GU0960 Vernon. This is a special release of a highly anticipated bull. Vernon is the new release in the Guernsey breed for our St. Jacobs Component Collection. He is now available for you to use, and we are proud to offer these elite genetics to our customers world-wide. 

For those that do not know, the Component Collection within our St. Jacobs brand includes sires from the Brown Swiss, Ayrshire, and Guernsey breeds. They are selected from each respective breed’s most elite genetic lines. All sires in this lineup are available to you by reaching out to your ABS representative.  

Now Back to the Game-changer, Vernon 

St. Jacob Brand Manager, Brian Behnke, calls Vernon, the right bull at the right time.  

Vernon is sired by London from the Excellent Rozlyn Aaron Villa who has countless sons and daughters world-wide. Brian first really learned of Villa when he judged the Western National Guernsey Show in August of 2022. It was there that he discovered a beautiful 5-year-old cow that he selected as champion. As it turned out, the 5-year-old, Rozlyn L-Man Vianne EX-93, was the older sister to Vernon. After doing some research, Brian learned Villa was being IVF’ed and had a few sons on the ground with PTI’s that were excitingly high. The rest of the story is history, and now, we’ve added this elite son to the lineup. 

Vernon is a sire that will cross exceptionally well on the thousands of daughters of Drone around the world. Consider what strengths Drone brings to the table. His strengths are their frames, but you want to protect udder depth and a little on fore udder when you look at his daughters. If you look at Vernon, you will see one of his strengths is siring shallow udders with strong foreudder attachments. That is why we think using Vernon on Drone daughters is a match made in heaven. 

The goal of the St. Jacobs brand is to create cows that last longer, are more profitable, and of course, are just good to look at. That’s why we offer sires in the various lineups that not only make beautiful cows but make cows that are very productive and fertile. Vernon is no exception to that rule. In fact, the elite potential of his genetics is the exact reason he is being added to our Component Collection program.  

Don’t overlook this new release because Vernon truly stands for Type Without Compromise! 

Discover more about St. Jacobs or Vernon by contacting your ABS Genetic Advisor or completing the form below.  

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