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Publish date: 2.16.24 

The St. Jacobs brand represents Type Without Compromise. You can count on sires within the St. Jacobs brand to not only make beautiful cows but also make cows that are very productive and fertile. We continue to invest in the best genetics to allow our customers to build cows that are better than last year and five years before that!  

Not new to the St. Jacobs Choice lineup, 94HO19526 DREAMBIG is making a name for himself with his impressive December Sire Summary performance. He is proving himself as the kind of sire that will make those big dreams come true. His proof and customer satisfaction are creating quite a bit of demand for him not only in the U.S. but around the world! Here is why you can achieve your BIG DREAMS with DREAMBIG. 

To match the strength in his linear breakdown, DREAMBIG adds components, fertility, A2/A2, and BB in addition to production. You can expect him to produce strong calves with correct conformation, who will mature into stunning cows producing high-component milk, and then breed again and again—repeating the process, lactation after lactation. 

DREAMBIG’s December Sire Summary Recap 

If you missed the impressive performance DREAMBIG had in December’s Sire Summary, we have a summary coming up for you. It truly was a ‘big dreams do come true’ kind of day. Before we jump into that day, lets recap DREAMBIG before that.  

  • When he joined our lineup in the fall of 2019, he was 2584 GTPI. Back in August, prior to adding any milking daughters, he was 2704 GTPI, 793 Milk, 67 Fat, 46 Protein, 2.85 PTAT, and 1.94 UDC.  
  • Now to December Sire Summary results, he has 147 daughters in his production proof and has 42 classified daughters. He went up in all aspects of his proof. He is now over 1100 milk, 72 Fat, 54 Protein, 3.14 PTAT, and 2.14 on Udder Composite. His GTPI went up considerably to 2791.  

DREAMBIG has sold well since his release and will continue to add daughters and satisfy breeders for years to come. Don’t miss your opportunity to make your dreams come true with DREAMBIG!  

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