Find our best bull lineup and best prices with our 2022 Fall Special. 

All signs point to the season changing from summer to fall, and that means fall breeding season is coming soon. At ABS, this means there is only one thing on our mind. It is time to announce our 2022 Fall Special.  

Like years in the past, our Fall Special includes our best lineup and the best prices you’ll find all year! The special runs September 19, 2022 through December 1, 2022. Order early while supplies last!  

Here are the details:  

  • You can mix and match bulls on the special to get volume pricing.  
  • You can combine this great offer with our exclusive Beef Deferred program for 0% financing through May 10,2023.  
  • And, don’t forget to ask about our 3% cash discount in lieu of our free financing.  

We have proven, exciting, new sires in every breed offered on this year’s special. Also, we are including our best sires available in Sexcel, both female and male product. And, we can’t forget to mention that we are offering product from our NuEra Terminal Genetics line for those customers looking to add more terminal profitability traits in their calf crop. These sires are offering in packs, excluding those offered in Sexcel male. They have been selected based on their ranking on our U.S. Terminal Index.  

There is truly a sire in this offering that will help reach every operation’s goal.  

Here are some of our standouts:  


[READ: More information on PATRIARCH]


[READ: More information on BROADVIEW]


[READ: More information on HONOR]


[READ: More information about PRIME PLUS]


[READ: More information on BARRACUDA]

Hot off the press! Our 2022 Focal Point will be hitting mailboxes any day! The team has said it is our best publication yet. New photos, exciting new sires and a tough all-around lineup is what you’ll find. If you don’t want to wait for it to hit your doorstep, check it out online.  

[READ: 2022 Focal Point]

Summer might be over, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! Take advantage of our Fall Special, and it’s sure to take away those end of summer blues! Ordering has never been easier. Contact your local ABS Representative or purchase today online. 

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