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February 2024 has been an exciting month for our St. Jacobs offering. We have five new sires being added to two lineups, St. Jacobs Choice and Linear Choice. For a refresher, our St. Jacobs Choice lineup is for those dairy producers looking for type without compromise! Sires in this group are selected for great type but with better production and health traits. You can rely on St. Jacobs Choice sires to create high-performing cows that you’ll love to look at. Our Linear Choice lineup is designed for, but not limited to, the commercial dairy producer. These sires are handpicked for their ability to create balanced cows that work in commercial dairies. They will generate moderate-sized cows with strong production and health traits. Linear Choice sires are truly where form meets function! 

St. Jacobs Choice New Release Sires 

The first new release in our St. Jacobs Choice lineup is BELIEVER who one of the highest type bulls available in the AI industry at 4.09 PTAT! 94HO21435 IMA BELIEVER is 3.66 Udder Composite, also near the top of the breed. He is a beautiful individual and his full sisters are special. One full sister, Miss RJR STJ Believe 8454-ET, who is an October 27 fall calf, stood 6th at this year’s World Dairy Expo. She was the youngest calf in the class by almost two months and her results are almost unheard of nowadays. 

He is from a family that needs no introduction, the Snow-N Denises Dellia’s. The dam is a VG 88 1st lactation Hancock, followed by an Excellent Avalanche, and then seven more VG and EX cows back to Dellia. IMA BELIEVER is sired by Believe P who is making beautiful milking daughters and has a nice preliminary summary in Canada. 

Look for BELIEVER to make extremely stylish calves with incredibly wide rumps. When they calve, their udders should be amazing. He is over 5 on Fore Udder and 4.8 on Rear Udder Height and should cross well on Lambda and Sidekick as well as AFTERSHOCK, DREAMBIG, RADIO, AFLAME-RED, IMPACT, and SUMMERFEST, to name a few. 

Our second new release for St. Jacobs Choice is 94HO21431 HABIT-P. He is the high-type, high production bull you have been looking for from St. Jacobs who happens to be polled! 

HABIT-P is a son of the EX 92, Nominated All-American S-S-I DOC HAVE NOT 8783-ET; full sister to the million dollar cow, Doc 8784. He is sired by Luster-P, a bull with thousands of daughters in his proof that keeps getting better. Habit-P is a bull with a full pedigree that includes two HOLSTEIN INTERNATIONAL Global Cow of the Year winners in Dellia and Halo. With a dam whose index continues to rise as her true breeding potential is realized, this leaves us with a truly remarkable polled bull for your breeding pleasure. 

HABIT-P is over 1800 pounds of milk with positive components. He is almost 3.5 on type while being under 2.5 for stature, a ratio that is unheard of. This bull will make balanced, open, strong, dairy frames with the right kind of dairy strength. His daughters will have really good udders. He may not get extreme udder composite scores due to not having extremely close teat placement, but that is a good thing as his fore udder, rear udder height and width, and cleft are right where they need to be. The linear and the bull himself indicate high pins, and we suggest you protect him in that area. 

HABIT-P is an outcross to almost all the ABS polled lineup and can be used on low pinned daughters of RADIO, SHOWTIME, ARTIST, CRUSH, ADDISON, and ALLEGIANT-P to name a few. 

Linear Choice New Release Sires 

  1. 94HO21376 Mandalay is a new release Linear Choice sire with high components with a positive Daughter Pregnancy Rate and over 1000 NM$. 
  1. The new release sire, 94HO21434 Denison, is over 1200 milk with positive components, a positive Daughter Pregnancy Rate, and extreme Sire Calving Ease. 
  1. Linear Choice’s new release, 94HO21468 No Doubt, offers over 1000 milk with positive components, right-hand linear, and from the world-famous dam Doc Have Not 8783 EX 92 MAX. 

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