Six New Releases to Linear Choice

Publish date: 9.18.23 

All of the sires that represent the St. Jacobs brand are well regarded for being the most exclusive, premium genetics the dairy business has to offer, and for good reason. ABS Global’s goal for the St. Jacobs product line is to support breeders in their quest to build better cows. Therefore, our reference to the brand as “Type Without Compromise” appropriately sums up the lineup as bulls that will breed long-lasting, high performing, fertile, and healthy cows. 

Realizing our customers are looking for more balanced cows, we introduced a new program to the St. Jacobs brand. Linear Choice is that program. Sires that enter our lineup are rigorously selected based on traits with the commercial dairy producer in mind. These sires breed dairy cows that are well-built, productive, and healthy. Right side linear is another characteristic of Linear Choice sires, therefore you may anticipate moderate-sized cows with good productivity and health traits.   

Meet the newest releases to the Linear Choice lineup below! 

  1. 94HO21246 Roz is nearly perfect linear with great relationship between stature, strength, depth and openness. He is also positive for DPR and great for SCE
  1. 94HO21095 Easton-P is polled and A2/A2. He offers extremely high components and high productive life and livability.   
  1. 94HO21016 Eventide-P is polled and offers more strength than stature. He is also positive for DPR
  1. 94HO21052 Dekalb is A2/A2, has 156 CFP, and possesses solid health traits. He also has a great relationship between stature, strength, depth, and openness. 
  1. 94HO21071 Briggs-P is polled, A2/A2, and BB. He is positive for DPR as well as great for SCE and DCE and no holes linear. 
  1. 94HO21237 Skymoon is A2/A2, has 167 CFP, and great health traits. He also possesses a great relationship between stature, strength, depth, and openness.  

These six excellent sires have been added to our Linear Choice program, highlighting ABS Global’s commitment to provide you with premium genetics. We take great pride in assisting you with your genetic selection, so you can profit from genetic progress!  

To learn more about the Linear Choice program, contact your Genetic Advisor or complete the form below.  

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