De Novo Genetics

Increasing Herd Productivity and Customer Profitability

De Novo Genetics has a clear mission: Develop elite and differentiated Holstein cattle genetics for ABS Global customers around the world. Launched in 2016, ABS Global operates this joint venture with De-Su Holsteins, North America’s leading independent breeder of high NM$ (net merit dollars) and TPI® (total performance index) Holstein sires.

The De Novo Genetics team has developed a joint breeding program to combine the best genetics from both De-Su and ABS Global, focusing on the creation of Holstein genetics that help increase customer profitability through improved herd productivity, health, and efficiency.

ABS Global and De-Su – a family operation based in New Albin, Iowa, USA – have worked together for years. Both organizations share a breeding philosophy of building on traits of economic importance to customers. Darin Meyer, President, De-Su Holsteins, manages De Novo Genetics and has long championed breeding based around traits of commercial importance to dairy farmers. Offspring from the joint venture begin arriving to ABS Global facilities in mid-2017.

Darin has built De-Su’s global reputation by personally selecting all matings for his herd, using genomic and other data to create the right combinations. He also employs his own philosophy of “looking for animals that perform in the way we want them to, selecting for traits that will deliver maximum profitability for commercial dairy farmers. It’s just pure genetics without frills.”

“The quality of the animals that De-Su has bred speaks for itself. They also have a large herd of elite females. We knew that working with them and harnessing this herd would help us drive genetic progress faster for farmers around the world.”


The tactic works. His animals have been marketed all over the world and more than 65 bulls with the De-Su prefix are currently available.
ABS sires bred by De-Su include 29HO14062 GILLESPY (well over half a million units sold), 29HO16714 BALISTO and 29HO16667 TOPSY (popular genomic sires that are now also top proven sires), and more recently, 29HO18208 SPECTRE and 29HO18348 QUANTUM.

“I saw ABS as a good fit for De-Su too. We share a similar philosophy, we are both interested in developing new traits and we both want to harness science to improve breeding.”


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