April 2024 Sire Summary: Diversity Equals Strength

Publish date: 4.3.24 

Diversity may imply variety, but it’s important to understand that ABS Global also has an extremely powerful and superior lineup when it comes to the caliber of our genetic offerings. The April 2024 National Genetic Evaluation demonstrated one of ABS’s strongest suits—diversity. We continue to offer genetics that fit a number of dairies and different markets across many nations. 

The advantage ABS has in comparison to others in the industry is directly tied to our diversity of bloodlines. Why should this matter to dairy producers? The challenge in today’s environment for some is the sheer number of related sires that are marketed and the breeding limitations that could pose for dairy producers. This was evident in the April 2024 sire summary. The diversity of ABS bloodlines gives producers options in terms of genetic selection when it comes to breeding. Having a portfolio of genetics that exhibits strength, steadiness, and diversity is our focus as we strive to offer our customers the best genetics to help them reach their goals and be profitable. 

As we wrap up another Sire Summary, ABS is very encouraged by the diversity and strength of our bloodlines and what is to come for the future. The diversity of ABS bloodlines offers our customer variety when it comes to their genetic selection and their operational goals.

Ryan Starkenburg, ABS Senior Geneticist

Let’s jump in to see how our sire lineups performed this round. 


In general, our Holstein sires experienced increases this sire summary, especially for yield traits. We were excited to see the positive day 29HO19773 DUFFY had because of his strong influence among ABS genetics. His sons are becoming great sires, and his daughters have also now produced sires. DUFFY held his ground and improved this sire summary and is up +42NM$.  

Another sire we paid close attention to was 29HO19625 LAKER as he is the sire of 29HO20684 LEEDS. LEEDS is quite possibly the best bull of his age in recent times to call ABS home and was up +28 NM$. LAKER increased by +60 NM$ and added a lot of daughter information this sire summary run.  

Overall, our Holstein sire lineup had a strong showing in this sire summary. Here are a few other Holstein highlights for key historical ABS bloodlines.  

To view our entire Holstein lineup, visit Bull Search


ABS continues to dominate within the polled genetics space. We believe that polled is already playing a significant role in dairy genetics and will well into the future due to their benefits which include lowering costs, saving producers time by eliminating a task no one loves to do, encouraging better animal welfare, and alignment with sustainability initiatives. Our proven polled sire lineup had a solid sire summary with 29HO19071 MONUMENT-P up +83 NM$ and 29HO19518 MENDEL-P up +5 NM$. 


It was another great day for our Jersey sires. ABS continues to have an increasingly strong lineup that performed well this sire summary. Of sires with a stud code, ABS has 5 of the top 10 CM$ sires, 16 of the top 30, and 31 of the top 50. ABS is home to 6 of the top 10 JPI sires with a stud code, 16 of the top 30 and 26 of the top 50. We are excited for the future of this sire lineup! 

Here are a few more stats on our Jersey sires: 

  • 9 sires over 191 JPI 
  • 7 sires over 840 CM$ 
  • 13 sires over 135 CFP 
  • 5 sires over +6.9 PL 
  • 6 over 1.0 DPR 

New releases to our Jersey lineup include 29JE4477 WINSOME, a 29JE4279 COLONEL son at 7.2 Productive Life, 834 Cheese Merit and 17.7 Jersey Udder Index. 29JE4481 JX JELLY {6} is our highest new JPI release at 198 and is also +138 Combined Fat and Protein and +1.2 CCR. We also released 29JE4520 SCORE-P who is a high Cheese Merit (863) and PL (7.4) polled COLONEL son and 29JE4488 JX TIKTOK {6} who is an outcross VJ Gutz high-ranking CM$ son at +843.  


St. Jacobs had a fantastic sire summary, and our top-type bulls had a really good day. 94HO19766 FITTERS CHOICE is the number one daughter-proven PTAT bull in the world at 3.84. 94HO21435 BELIEVER is the number one Udder Composite bull in the world at 3.70. 94HO19526 DREAMBIG was up 29 points to 2820 GTPI. 

Our Linear Choice sires all have balanced proofs with production, type, and health that make them useable in markets all around the world. Here is how they performed this sire summary. 

  • Of the 26 bulls producing semen, half of the sires are over 100 Fat 
  • 8 sires are over 60 Protein 
  • 9 sires are over 3000 GTPI 

More to come on our newly released Linear Choice sires: 94HO21601 DANSBY, 94HO21661 PLAYBOOK, AND 94HO21602 DEERPARK. Stay tuned! 


The Norwegian Red breed is known for superior health and fitness traits. According to Lane Hischke, Genetic Services Specialist, our Norwegian Red lineup will bring the production and functionality needed to take any crossbreeding program to the next level.  

Here is how our sire lineup performed during the April Sire Summary:  

  • 252NR12114 HAGEMOEN-P received his first daughter proof this period and increased 15 pounds of CFP, mostly driven by milk volume 
  • HAGEMOEN-P’S increase in production also helped his son, 252NR12297 MURI-P, whose proof increased CFP by 19 pounds 
  • Active lineup from last proof held steady for production, health, and udder conformation 

Because of the potential to see variation amongst sire rankings and fluctuation in traits in each sire summary, ABS still advises producers to adopt a Custom Index to optimize genetic progress and maximize profit. Every dairy is unique which means the industry indexes mentality of a one-size-fits-all strategy is not always desirable in terms of progress. By creating your own Custom Index with ABS Global, you can prioritize and customize trait selection according to your business style, facilities, and milk market. 

Genetics play a major role in your dairy’s genetic progress and ultimately, your profitability. Thus, ABS works hard to offer our customers with industry-leading genetics and expert advice. Contact your Genetic Advisor today or complete the form below to design your genetic plan to maximize profit.  

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