Ebert Enterprises

Randy Ebert

Algoma, WI, USA

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Ebert Enterprises is a 4,800-cow dairy farm in rural Algoma, WI. The family farm takes pride in producing quality food in an environmentally safe and profitable fashion. Back in the late 90s, ABS started tail chalking for Eberts when no one else would. Because of the superior customer service, the Eberts have been customers ever since.

With the intensity of Sexcel® sexed genetic use at the farm, 70% of the calves born at Ebert Enterprises are black calves. Unlike most dairies, the farm isn’t selling these calves on day one. Crossbred calves are raised on the farm, so their goal is to maximize yield and quality.

Beef InFocus™ helps Eberts create much more than a black calf. Ebert’s Beef InFocus™ calves are some of the healthiest and fastest-growing calves on the farm with almost zero death loss. These calves stay at Eberts, where they see growth performance carry over to the feedlot.

“Using Sexcel® and Beef InFocus™ semen has improved the performance of our dairy. We see overall improvement in: herd health, milk production, as well as reproduction. The Beef InFocus™ calves allow us to use our facilities, labor and extra feed to create a new profit center.”

Randy Ebert

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