White House Farm

Andrew Leggott

Northallerton, UK

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Andrew Leggott from White House Farm near Northallerton has never been afraid to adopt new technologies and evolve his business.  He was one of the first farms in the country to use sexed semen in 2004 and moved into robots in 2007.

Leggott has now embarked on a major program to increase milk yield per cow to achieve the same farm output from 50 fewer cows and increase income from beef calves.  Central to this will be the use of Sexcel® to produce heifers from heifers, to increase genetic improvement and create more beef cross calves.

The plan is to genomic test the herd and only create replacements from the top 25% of females.  Working with GMS evaluator Thomas Tiffin, Andrew uses GMS to rank the herd. By breeding the rest of the herd to Beef InFocus™, Leggott achieves a win-win with calves born from sires with good calving ease but good growth and carcass characteristics.

“If we can achieve the objectives of higher yield per cow from fewer cows to maintain output while increasing genetic merit of the cows we have and boosting beef calf returns, I am confident we will have a more robust system.”

Andrew Leggott

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