Top 5 Angus Bulls

Angus cattle have become the dominant breed in America—and for good reasons. Their proven reputation for calving ease and maternal design makes Angus a mainstay for commercial, high-quality beef production in the U.S. and many parts of the globe.

ABS Global’s strong lineup has proudly featured the best-selling bulls in the Angus breed for 22 of the last 29 years based on registrations through the American Angus Association. Look to ABS for the best Angus bulls that will deliver on the most desirable traits. Whether you need Calving Ease, Docility, Fertility, Carcass Quality, Longevity, or Maternal Traits, we have the Angus sire to meet your requirements. Consider these future breed leaders.

The PATRIARCH of the Lineup

PATRIARCH is the definition of strength and direction. He brings a bullet-proof maternal pedigree with power, data, and phenotype to produce both quality females and in-demand, high satisfaction sons. While his calving ease is commendable and his massive appearance is worth appreciating, you will also find his structure very sound along with exceptional foot quality. 

  • Bullet proof maternal pedigree with the power, data and phenotype to produce both quality females and in demand, high satisfaction sons
  • The all-time record setter from the Tehama program that has relentlessly pursued and been focused on maternal output coupled with end product merit
  • Beyond his calving ease and massive appearance, you will appreciate PATRIARCH for his sound structure and foot quality
  • His grandsires, HOOVER DAM and Connealy Thunder are both recognized as superior female sires that consistently transmit sound foot structure and excellent teat and udder quality

Add PATRIARCH genetics to your line-up for ultimate quality and balance.  

Fireball: Number One By a Wide Margin

FIREBALL is the first and only high accuracy sire in the industry to surpass the +400 $Combination barrier, and he continues to surpass all expectations for both performance and phenotypic quality. For the following EPD and indexes, Marbling, $Beef, $Combined, and $Grid, FIREBALL ranks more than one standard deviation ahead of his next closest competitor and on average has more than twice as many carcass records as the #number two bull. 

  • Among sires with a minimum of 10 progeny carcass records, FIREBALL ranks first for Marbling, $Grid, $Beef and $Combined, and in each case his advantage over the second bull is greater than one full standard deviation. 
  • 21 of 22 FIREBALL steers in a recent structured progeny test graded Prime while also posting the largest rib eyes and heaviest carcass weights in a 98 head contemporary group 
  • Much more than a carcass sire, FIREBALL is a proven multi-trait leader that also excels for calving ease, performance and feed efficiency 
  • Progeny continue to be among the most consistent and well received sire groups across the country 

Put What you Value Most at the Forefront with TRUE NORTH 

TRUE NORTH is a well-rounded, maternally oriented sire and one of the top Angus bulls with super phenotype and calving ease. A fan favorite on display both at the National Western Stock Show and at ORIgen, he is a stout-made bull with excellent muscle shape and substance. He is also an elite bull with maternal value—backed by strong docility, high foot quality, and Heifer Pregnancy.  

  • Phenotypic standout with an unbeatable maternal data package
  • Elite $Maternal and $Energy indexes backed by strong Docility, Foot Quality and Hair Shedding EPDs combined with reduced mature size
  • A fan favorite on display both at the National Western and at ORIgen – wide based and stout made bull with excellent muscle shape and substance
  • Maternal brother to Confidence Plus that offers one of the most versatile and broadly appealing packages that we’ve seen in many years

Don’t wait, choose TRUE NORTH to help create a heifer designed for longevity and see great genetic progress. 

DYNAMIC: Dynamic Data, Overpowering Phenotypic 

You’ll find DYNAMIC with amazing base width, outstanding muscle, and internal dimension. He combines that with attractive and overpowering physical package. DYNAMIC’s first calves are delivering even more calving ease than expected and more importantly, producers that have used him are very impressed with them as they develop. 

  • As sound, comfortable, and confident on the move as any 1,400-pound yearling we’ve ever seen with added depth of heel and near perfect foot shape 
  • Dynamic data: No other proven or young sire in the breed today with his level of CED and BW offers higher performance EPDs for Weaning and Yearling growth 
  • Progeny have a great look and are currently ratioing 95 for BW, 101 for WW, and 112 for IMF 
  • His dam and grandam have both been stalwart, highly productive females in the Brinkley program 

JAMESON: Powerful performance and as smooth as Jameson Whiskey 

JAMESON is likely the most unique herd sire ever produced at Basin Angus and a record setter for Montana as one of the highest selling Angus bulls. JAMESON fits the bill as a highly anticipated and extremely marketable sire with breed leading data and powerful phenotype. Appropriately named, he is a top-shelf kind of bull, and there might not be a better bull to sell anywhere in the land that is more right for pedigree, performance, and phenotype.  

  • He combines tremendous data across the board with powerful, and near flawless phenotype 
  • Exceptionally long bodied, strong topped, deep in the fore rib, and correct in his foot and leg structure 
  • The grandam of BASIN JAMESON is powerfully built, very maternal in her look, and a consistent producer with a record of 5 BR 100, 5 WR 104, 5 YR 105. She is also the dam of Basin Rainmaker 4044 
  • Conventional and Sexcel semen now available 


Through the years, ABS and our partners have combined innovative science with the good old-fashioned hard work of gathering real-world performance data to identify the top angus bulls with profit-oriented genetics. Our dedication to that approach has never been stronger than it is today. We want to bring top angus sires to you with ideal maternal design and productivity. The choice is easy—turn to ABS Global for the quality and balance you want in your Angus herd, choose top selling bulls and achieve the genetic progress and profitability you deserve. 

Take your herd to the next level and find the best bull for your needs on our Bull Search.

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