Two Words Describe ABS Global’s April Sire Summary: Consistent and Strong 

April 4, 2023

Another National Genetic Evaluation has once again come and gone. The results confirm how strong and consistent the lineup of sires is among all breeds at ABS Global. Our sires showed a strong presence in many relevant trait and index categories. We are proud to market the best genetics available in the industry, but we look forward to the next generation of sires coming up the ranks. As we look to the future, the ABS Global pipeline of young sires is impressive. With another great sire summary, it is clear that the future is bright for ABS customers with the sire lineups we are offering.   

Overall, ABS Global experienced a consistent day for our bulls. It is critical to realize that to progress you must create your genetic plan and stick to it. You can always review and adjust as needed. Our mentality is no different when it comes to our sires. Chasing after the next industry fad that will fizzle out in a few months can do more damage to your herd than good. Ultimately, being consistent and dedicated to a genetic plan based on your goals is the best way to ensure genetic progress. For us, our long-term investment in bloodlines is paying off. 

The St. Jacob Sires 

While our St. Jacob lineup can sometime get categorized as the show bull lineup, we want to clarify that these sires obtain type without sacrificing the necessary production and health traits needed to make productive, health, and beautiful cows. For the commercial dairyman, we developed Linear Choice. These sires are selected strategically based on their ability to create balanced cows that work in commercial dairies. Sires in our St. Jacobs lineup have the potential to meet the needs of a multitude of dairy systems.  

Our St. Jacobs lineup had a big day. Here are the highlights.  

  • 94HO20892 HIHOPE is the highest Udder Composite bull in the breed 
  • 94HO20946 DAZZLE is the third highest Udder Composite bull in the breed 
  • 94HO19766 FITTERS CHOICE is the ninth highest Udder Composite and second PTAT bull in the breed 
  • The St. Jacobs lineup includes the following: 
    • 9 bulls over 3,000 GTPI 
    • 6 bulls over 1,000 NM$ 
    • 10 bulls over 1,000 pounds of Milk  
    • 6 bulls over 100 pounds of Fat 
    • 6 over 60 pounds of Protein 
    • 12 over 3 PTAT 
    • 11 over 2.5 UDC 
    • 21 positive for DPR 

The Jersey Sires 

The phrase, great continued progress, would describe how our day went for our Jersey sires. Of all bulls in the industry that have genomics, ABS Global offers 15 of the top 40 bulls for CM$ and 20 of the top 40 bulls for JPI in the breed. The brightest story of the day would be our young sire, 29JE4468 CALVIN—topping charts as the highest Cheese Merit bull in the breed with over 1,000 CM$ at just four months old. He is also the first to surpass the 1,000 mark at +1,026 which is $72 ahead of the second highest ranking bull. We can’t wait to see the impact he will have on our Jersey program.  

Other Jersey highlights below! 

  • We expect 29JE4426 SCHOONER who releases this week to be the highest genomic sire marketed at +191 GJPI which is the highest Thrasher son  
  • The Jersey lineup comprises of: 
    • 10 bulls over 750 CM$ 
    • 17 bulls over 160 JPI 

The Holstein Sires 

“The April Sire Summary once again shows strong and stable results for our mainline Holstein sire lineup. We believe that the consistency of our lineup will prove promising for our customers. Being consistent with genetic planning leads to more genetic progress than chasing the next industry fad. It is exciting to see the success of long-term investments in superior bloodlines continue to be validated.” 

Ryan Starkenburg, ABS Senior Geneticist

We are excited for our overall lineup, but we have even more excitement for our strong polled lineup. The depth and strength of our polled lineup makes our offering unique.

Furthermore, our polled lineup continues to gain momentum. We continue to grow our homozygous and heterozygous polled genetics. As the industry shifts, we see the polled space as the way to a more sustainable future. Thus, we continue to drive pedigree and trait diversity in our lineup to be better prepared to serve our customers.  

Standouts in Polled Genetics 

The Norwegian Red Sires 

The Norwegian Red breed is known for superior health and fitness traits. Because of this, the females tend to have less difficulty calving, breed back easily, and are medium-sized, trouble-free cows that work well in commercial dairies. In other words, the Norwegian Red breed encompasses the attributes that dairies need to become more profitable by lowering input costs without sacrificing production. It is for this reason that many have used Norwegian Red sires in a well-designed crossbreeding program. Learn more about the benefits of crossbreeding.  

Norwegian Red highpoints from today! 

  • Our best bull, 252NR12222 SKOIEN, increased 10 pounds of CFP and held steady in other traits 
  • Our number one proven RDC bull, 252NR11690 ROEN, who is also the number one RDC bull for NM$, CM$, GM$ and FM$ and his grandson, 252NR12202 HASSLEBERGstill offer great production.
  • Our biggest news is our three new sires: 
    • 252NR12248 LYNDI-P who is a heterozygous polled bull that offers extreme production with 223 pounds of CFP 
    • 252NR12265 SMENES-P who is a heterozygous polled bull that pairs elite production at 215 pound of CFP and phenomenal udder conformation at 2.8 UDC 
    • 252NR12254 HULTGREN-PP who is a homozygous polled bull that does not compromise production or conformation  

ABS has a range of consistent and elite genetics that can fit any dairy system. It is for that reason we suggest utilizing a Custom Index to ensure you are selecting for the traits that matter to YOU. A Custom Index gives you the flexibility to select the sires that actually move you closer to reaching your goals. You are not limited by what the industry says is correct or feel obligated to use that industry hot sire. You chose the genetics No that best fit your operation’s needs in creating a profitable cow.  

To build your Custom Index today, visit Bull Search.

As we wrap up another Sire Summary, we are reminded that genetics play a major role in your dairy’s profitability. As always, contact your local ABS Genetic Advisor today to discuss genetics that maximize your profit potential from your market opportunities. 

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