ABS celebrates its 80th anniversary

Aug 3

The pioneers of genetic progress:
80 years and counting

Since Rockefeller Prentice founded ABS in 1941, innovation has been part of our DNA. From the co-development of the first semen tank to the recent success of Sexcel® and Beef InFocus™, we have made our mark in the bovine genetics industry.

People are the reason for our existence. For 80 years, our customers’ needs have helped build what we are today, while our employees and partners provide diverse perspectives and drive our success.

Thank you to the progressive and genetic-driven farmers who partner with us to produce high-quality milk and meat.

Watch our story so far…

Watch a timeline of our history so far…

You can also watch this video in a variety of languages using the links below:

English – https://youtu.be/40GIloP6s_g

Czech – https://youtu.be/F3W8tc3KjAQ

Danish – https://youtu.be/pFVqORJKaXE

Dutch – https://youtu.be/ScTfmmaPhSw

French – https://youtu.be/U3jRa1ybpu4

Hindi – https://youtu.be/MjdUyc_Q5s8

Hungarian – https://youtu.be/tASUHchTHxs

Italian – https://youtu.be/eOBHgDt6suc

Japanese – https://youtu.be/cbEQzXaJdY4

Polish – https://youtu.be/l4goj0DS_tQ

Portuguese – https://youtu.be/i54SXlP35S8

Russian – https://youtu.be/wkCjeXoQ6pU

Spanish (LATAM) – https://youtu.be/ivyUQmsNDj4

Spanish (Spain) – https://youtu.be/8k8TZMA_aDE

Turkish – https://youtu.be/FrNNalHhlRs

Ukrainian – https://youtu.be/SUEn6TtQDlQ

Chinese – https://youtu.be/xFOd3ukPHWg

Our Employee Stories

Read from our employees in their own words about their personal career journeys, our culture, development opportunities and how we work together to drive innovation.

These are our stories.