Don’t Be Generic, Custom Fit Your Genetics 

If no one ever challenges the status quo, thinks about concepts differently, or suggests new processes, do we ever evolve? Evolution is key to continual progress and sustainability in all aspects of life. The dairy industry is not excused from that theory. With today’s market environment, regulations, rising input costs, and labor shortages, one thing, for sure, is the worries of continuation are real. While scary to think about, the concern should not solely be of continuation but a fear that staying the same will result in grave costs. Evolving is your key to continuation.  

When you produce a commodity product, the goal should be to produce a product that is above average, always. Think beyond generic and being like everyone else. Focus on differentiating yourself in the marketplace with your genetics and efficiencies in your operation. Custom genetics allow you to create what fits your operation and market while maximizing profitability.  

Not the Same 

All dairies were not cut from the same cloth. Your dairy might have similar management practices or a parallel foundation as a dairy in the county over, however, that does not make them equal. Therefore, using standardized generic indices to select genetics might not be the right approach for you. Today’s industry indices were built with a one size fits all approach, but as we pointed out before, all dairies are not completely alike.  

Utilizing a Custom Index approach gives you the freedom to pinpoint exactly what traits matter to your dairy and create custom genetics geared towards your goals. 

Profit from the traits associated with your bottom line 

Work with a trusted genetic adviser to identify which trait will be most influential in your dairy. The idea is not just to create custom genetics, but truly, select genetics that will progress your dairy forward. Your selection focus should correlate to your profitable increases. 

Be Above Average with a Personalized Genetic Plan 

An easy way to be above average in a commodity market is with a personalized genetic plan. Beyond thinking about custom genetics, consider a breeding plan with the right sexed and beef product blend. Use your Custom Index to not only identify your next sires but also rank your females to determine who will receive sexed or beef.  

Learn more about creating custom genetics by reading our article originally published in Progressive Dairy.  

If you wish to create custom genetics with a personalized better program, let ABS help you take a clear path to success. With our GENEadvance program and Winning Game Plan, you can utilize genomic testing and a Custom Index to accelerate your herd’s genetic progress and implement a profitable sexed and beef strategy. Contact your genetic advisor to discuss custom genetics today! 

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