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Female Sexed Semen for Beef Producers: Can you Afford to Make the Wrong Cow?

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75% norwegian red and holstein

Dairy Crossbreeding Program Advantages

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Insider Tip: Don’t Overspend on Sexed Semen

Don’t Compromise, Make Matings with Intent

F1 Norwegian Red x Holstein two-way crossbred

Dairy Crossbreeding FAQs – Planning

Group of Norwegian Red x Holstein crosses

How to Get Started with Dairy Crossbreeding

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Designer Dairy Cows

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Selection Intensity: A Key to Genetic Progress

Breeding for the Post-COVID-19 Cow

Heifer Replacement Strategy: How It Can Boost Your Farm’s Profitability

Beef on dairy calves

How Much Beef Semen to Use

Beef on Dairy
Beef on dairy calves

Laying Out a Beef-on-Dairy Business Plan

Beef on Dairy