Published 7/25/2023

ABS Global is focused on accelerating genetic improvement in your herd to deliver better future herd performance. Genomic testing females will predict their future herd performance, help you make accurate breeding decisions, and ultimately, drive genetic progress faster.  

Using genomic testing increases the speed and accuracy of making genetic progress. Accuracy is crucial because the better your value predictions are, the more likely it is that the animals you choose are the best. Your herd’s potential can be determined by understanding the genetics in your dairy, which enables you to be more profitable by creating more productive and manageable cows. 

Benefits of Using Genomic Testing in Comparison to Other Prediction Methods 

  • True genetic inheritance rather than an estimation 
  • Genetic merit of potentially misidentified animals 
  • Reveals A2A2, polled, and haplotypes for improved mating decisions 
  • Adds confidence in sexed and beef breeding strategy 

You have options when it comes to genomic evaluations with GENEadvance®

An ABS Evaluation combined with GENEadvance and your Custom Index provides you with a simple and cost effective genomic testing solution. It accurately ranks your herd based on traits important to your operational goals rather than what the industry deems correct. Our evaluation, provided to you as a Custom Index value, is designed to make your herd’s data easily accessible and provide insights to allow you to make informed breeding decisions. 

A Custom Index evaluation ranks your herd based on traits that matter to your herd’s operational goals and your weightings of them. This results in faster progress toward the ideal cow for your individual dairy. 

However, you may also choose to receive a CDCB Evaluation as an option with GENEadvance if it fits your needs on your dairy. You also have the option to work with your ABS Genetic Advisor to create your dairy’s Custom Index with the CDCB Evaluation results. 

Precision is key for genetic progress and that is why GENEadvance was developed. You set your goals. We help you reach them. 

We start by understanding your goals, analyzing the genetics in your herd, selecting the right genetics to maximize your breeding program, and deploying the right genetics on the right cows. We provide you with the data insights you need to make actionable decisions for genetic improvement.  

Accelerate your genetic improvement with GENEadvance today by contacting your ABS Genetic Advisor or completing the form below. 

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