Looking for help choosing a dairy crossbreeding program?

A square peg in a round hole? That’s hard work! But having the wrong cows for your system is hard work too.

Dairy crossbreeding programs can help you in breeding the type of herd you need to fit:

  • A healthier milking herd: research and real farm data show that a crossbred herd has fewer veterinary interventions.
  • Improved fertility: crossbred cows are more fertile than purebred cows resulting in lower fertility program costs and less days open.
  • Break the cycle of inbreeding: increased inbreeding negatively affects performance. Crossbreeding breaks this cycle.
  • Healthier calves: crossbred calves are healthier and more robust resulting in lower vet costs and early mortality.
  • And more!

And a solid program can do this faster! This is done by taking advantage of the different genetic benefits different breeds offer, and the added free benefit of heterosis.

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A clear plan is critical.

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