Partner with ABS: What Truly Makes ABS the World Leader in Animal Genetics?


A bovine genetics company can generally be summed up in a customer’s mind in a few phrases: a straw of semen, a bull stud, artificial insemination, or getting my cows bred. While those phrases accurately depict, in general, what a genetics company does, ABS Global is determined to be better. We are more than a straw of semen. Let’s answer this question: What truly makes ABS the world leader in animal genetics?  

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Our people make the difference. Driven to be a people magnet, we strive to find the best people to assist our customers in customized genetic and reproductive management plans. To continue to provide elite genetics, our production staff and facilities are vital in maintaining our sires in their best condition to ensure product is produced to meet the genetic demands of our customers. Our people are truly what makes ABS a world leader in animal genetics and reproductive management. We are more than a straw of semen.  

Our pioneering technology ensures our customers will have the right tools for them to be profitable and successful in their systems. We pride ourselves on a long history of pioneering technology. Just think back to the early 1970s when ABS assisted Linde Corporation in the development of the industry’s first longer holding time storage tank. An impressive part of our pioneering technology history is our patented proprietary wind tunnel semen freezing system with freezes semen in the same package the customer receives. This reduces the number of times our team has to physically touch the straw of semen–reducing the opportunity to damage the sperm cells with the warm touch of our hands. Today, our pioneering technology mindset has led us to develop and continue to improve our Sexcel sexed semen offering. Brilliant thinkers from NASA and cancer research projects worked to develop Sexcel–allowing our customers to build more targeted and profitable genetic solutions for their systems. We are more than a straw of semen.  

Our elite genetics and reproductive management expertise is one reason ABS is the world leader in animal genetics. Our reach around the world is extensive as we operate in more than 70 countries. This allows us to source the most elite genetics to offer our customers. In recent years, we have invested in our own proprietary beef genetic program that represents the next chapter of elite genetics focused on delivering the best terminal value throughout the beef supply chain. However, we do not stop at just claiming we have the most elite genetics and the best in reproductive management expertise, we use research and product validation to ensure our programs and elite genetics will work for our customers. Progeny testing is not new to ABS as we’ve been pioneers in real world data since the early 1960s. Currently, we have research partnerships at Hy-Plains Feedyard, KS., Cactus Feeders, TX., The Bair Ranch, MT., and Oklahoma State University, OK. We also work with progeny test herds around the globe–allowing us to test and prove the elite genetics and reproductive management programs we offer. We are more than a straw of semen.  

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There are many bovine genetics companies out there, but there is only one ABS Global, a company with outstanding people, built on pioneering technology, elite genetics and the best in reproductive management expertise. Take your herd to the next level by making the choice to partner with ABS. We are more than a straw of semen.  

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