Dairy & Primetime Sire Directories

Click on the image to view our 2016/17 Dairy Sire directory or download a pdf version (36MB).


Click on the image to view our 2016 Primetime Genomic sire directory or download a pdf version (6MB).

Genetics are the key to TransitionRight™

It grew out of a simple question from an ABS customer: “We already record disease cases, why don’t genetics companies use that data?” he asked.

A straightforward question that led to ABS Global developing the world’s first genetic solution to transition disease problems. The transition period is one of the riskiest and most costly cow health periods facing dairy farmers the world over.

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2016/17 Beef Sire Directory


Here's a sneak preview of our 2016-17 Beef Sire Directory. We expect to have the final version of the full directory out in early September.

Angus & Red Angus section or pdf

Other Breeds section or pdf






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