We are proud to share the story of the seven-generation family-owned Wisconsin dairy farm family Ebert Enterprises and Emily Yeiser Stepp of the National Milk Producers Federation, to show first-hand the positive impact of genetic technology in the cattle industry.

Recently there has been a lot of rhetoric about animal agriculture and the impact it has on the health of the food system and the planet. At ABS, we believe that if we want a more sustainable food supply, if we want people from around the world to have access to more nutritious food and if we want animals to be healthier, we need to embrace more technology and innovation in the food system.

At ABS, we see a path forward for producing more sustainable animal proteins. For thousands of years, farmers have been using breeding knowledge, science and technology to improve our food system. And we’ve been supporting farmers from around the globe for 80 years with industry-leading genetics.

As we continue to look to the future, new innovations in animal breeding, particularly harnessing our growing knowledge of genetics and data can lead to things like:

  • Eradication of animal diseases and suffering
  • Less use of antibiotics
  • Less production of methane
  • More protein from fewer animals resulting in less environmental impact
  • Meeting local geographical needs like climates and cultures.

By embracing new technologies for genetic improvement and our understanding of genetics, we have a real opportunity to create more meat and milk in order to have more accessible animal protein for all.

This video was produced for Genus by TBD Media.

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