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75% norwegian red and holstein

Dairy Crossbreeding Program Advantages

Fertility in Dairy Cows


4 Benefits of Crossbreeding Dairy Cattle

Cow Comfort

Udder health
Close up of ABS rep using a handheld next to a semen tank

Are Beef Genetics Right for This Dairy?

Beef on Dairy
Group of beef on dairy crossbred calves drinking from bottles

Get Further Faster With Beef Genetics

Beef on Dairy
Group of young beef on dairy animals at feed bunk

How to Choose the Right Beef Sires

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Young beef on dairy crossbred at feed bunk

Who Qualifies for Sexed, Conventional or Beef Semen

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Group of beef on dairy crossbreds in a feedlot

No Bull – Proven Genetics Matter

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ABS breeder looking at handheld by a semen tank

Insider Tip: Don’t Overspend on Sexed Semen

Two A.I. technicians discuss data report behind a truck.

How to Up-Level Your Bovine Repro Team

Illustration of Holstein cows with blue tail paint.

7 Tips to Troubleshoot Cattle A.I. Technician Performance

Dairy farmer driving an ATV through a field behind freestall barns.

Global Thought Leaders

Group of Beef InFocus steers standing in a lot.

Beef-on-Dairy Crossbred Calves Through the Supply Chain

Beef on Dairy
Holstein dairy cows at a feed bunk.

Before You Breed that “Do-Not-Breed” Cow One More Time, Read This

Close up of artificially inseminating a cow.

A Different Look at Cattle Pregnancy Loss

Applying Valiant teat dip to a Holstein cow.

Got Teat Issues? The Top Five Offenders You Can Combat

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Group of heifers eating at feed bunk.

Hidden Costs of Raising Extra Heifers

Two farm employees with Jersey calf in calf barn.

5 Tips for Happy, Loyal Farming Employees

Farm Labor
Group of Norwegian Red x Holstein crosses

Why Crossbreeding with Norwegian Red Makes Sense

F1 Jersey x Holstein (HoJo) two-way crossbred in field with Holsteins

3 Factors to Consider in a Two-Way Crossbreeding Plan

F1 Norwegian Red x Holstein two-way crossbred

Dairy Crossbreeding FAQs – Planning

Dairy Crossbreeding FAQs – Heterosis and Performance

Dairy Crossbreeding FAQs – General

Group of Norwegian Red x Holstein crosses

How to Get Started with Dairy Crossbreeding